SWEET TOOTH by Jeff Lemire

When I was in my early 20’s, and just starting in law enforcement, I was working nights, had lost touch with a lot of friends, and was looking for some way to spend my limited free time. I picked up a handful of comic books from a Half Price Books and was hooked. I’d steered clear of comic books because I always felt I wouldn’t know what was going on since some stories go as far back as the 1930’s. I honestly had no clue of the myriad of books that WEREN’T about super heroes. DC Vertigo books were just what I was looking for. Although it has been years since I first read it, my first comic review will be for one of my absolute favorites: Jeff Lemire’s SWEET TOOTH Vol. 1.

Collecting the first 5 issues of Jeff Lemire’s SWEET TOOTH, this 15 minute read introduces us to Gus, a child/animal hybrid, born into a post apocalyptic world. Living isolated, deep in the woods, Gus’s father is trying to keep him from the outside world. With isolation comes innocence. When tragedy befalls Gus, he sets out on a journey with a stranger who promises him safety. Avoiding spoilers, I can tell you this book encompasses my favorite themes of apocalypse, adventure, heroism and betrayals. Jeff Lemire’s books often have a theme of father/son relationships that have always appealed to me. This one is no different. Gus will have to reconcile the 5 Golden Rules his father always told him to live by with his new found place in the world. Described as “Excellent,” “Brilliant” and “fantastic” by several reviews, I can assure you the next volumes do not disappoint.

Title: Sweet Tooth Vol. 1/ Out of the Woods

Author/Illustrator: Jeff Lemire

Publisher: DC Vertigo

Pages 126

Cover Price:$12.99

Link to Deluxe Hardcover. Worth Every Penny


City of London Police

Formed nearly 180 years ago, the City of London Police Force now oversees 1.1 sq miles with approximately 9,000 residents. They do so with a force of nearly 700 officers in 3 stations. With over 600 officers per square mile, you might think they’ve gone a little overboard. However, there is a daily influx of approximately 400,000 people every day. That doesn’t even include the tourists. This cap badge is another one of my favorite pieces from my collection.

Greater Manchester Police

Over the years, before I had a kid and got divorced, I had quite the disposable income. I blew a lot of it on police memorabilia. I’ll feature some of the collection here in case anyone else thinks this stuff is as cool as I do.

Greater Manchester Police Helmet Badge

Formed in 1974, and now with over 11,000 employees, the Greater Manchester Police is responsible for 492 sq miles and over 2.7 million people. They have over 6,000 police officers and over 60 stations. This badge is one of the more beautiful ones in my collection but I’ll post more in the future.

Here we go…

My names Kevin and I’ve been a Sheriff’s Deputy in the Midwest for nearly 10 years. We get new equipment all the time. I’ve got opinions on all of it. And I have some free time. My intent is to review the equipment we receive, equipment I can get my hands on, and maybe save readers the trouble of getting bad gear. In addition to that, I also love reading. I read non-fiction, history, and comic books. I’ll review things I read as well as anything else that comes my way that I think I have something to say about. Stay tuned. It might be a random ride, but hopefully some of it appeals to you.