Ready Player One, Ernest Cline, Book Review

So this review might be about 7 years too late, but its only a few days before the movie hits. If you haven’t read Ready Player One yet, you still have time to get it in before the movie comes out.

I had never heard of this book until a few months ago when the IT guy from the department mentioned it. He was an 80’s kid who grew up with the old cabinet arcade games, D&D, and some of the best movies of the last 50 years.

The book is based around Wade Watts. A kid in the not so distant future in a world where everyone’s lives have gotten so bleak and dreary that they escape into a massive multiplayer online world called the Oasis. When the creator of the Oasis dies, he leaves his incredible fortune to whoever can solve a series of riddles and challenges that he has hidden throughout the online world. We follow Wade, through his online persona- Parzival, as he builds friendships, relationships, and rivalries with people all through the Oasis. Parzival is just another unremarkable kid, living his dreary lives both in and out of the Oasis. That is until he is the first to solve the first riddle.

I may have enjoyed the book a little more if I was born 5-10 years earlier. A lot of the references pre-date me. That being said, I haven’t enjoyed a book as much as this since I read The Martian a few years ago. The book has action, adventure, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, and enough nostalgia references to take you on a trip down memory lane. It’s a quick read once it hooks you. My biggest worry is that the movie will disappoint.

You can get the book as a mass market paperback for less than 10 bucks. Maybe you can find it used for much less. I highly recommend it!

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My name is Kevin and I’ve been in law enforcement for almost 10 years. I’m also a bit of a nerd. Nerd: I read and collect comic books, particularly books outside of the big two publishers. I collect and display toys, mainly action figures and vehicles. Cop: I’ve been a cop for almost 10 years. Certified Taser Instructor Certified Crash Reconstructionist Certified in FBI Statement Analysis Certified Hostage Negotiator Former Emergency Response Team Member My intent is to review police equipment, comic books, non-fiction books, toys, documentaries, and anything else that interests me. Views expressed and pictures posted in no way imply any endorsement from any Agency.

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