A 4 year old’s Investigation

I have been a cop for nearly 10 years. My Dad was a cop for 33. All of my “brothers” from the department are like uncles to my 4 year old son. If my son doesn’t have cop blood in him, then I can’t explain him sometimes. My fiancé and I have started Elf on the Shelf for our two boys. They named him Robot Magee. The youngest doesn’t quite get it and doesn’t fear the elf reporting back naughty behavior. The older boy, our 4 year old, is convinced of the magic. He searches for the elf every morning. He can’t wait to see what the note says. Two days ago, I had to write the note instead of my fiancé. And the handwriting was different. And so began his investigation. He needed to see the book again. He needed to hear the rules again. One day, the elf wasn’t back in time. He’s grown suspicious. He saw me write a note and said, “Huh, looks like the elf wrote that!” And then he just stared. Today, I found him holding the elf’s first note. “Daddy…this note was written here. In this house.” How did he know this? He compared the glitter on the note to the glitter pen in his art supplies. He tells me he thinks the elf just used it. But my heart tells me he’s playing me. Is he playing along for his little brother?
I hope for a better life for my son than law enforcement. Much like my father hoped for me. But when you get the itch to be a cop, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to scratch it. I think he got the itch this holiday season. And I think he knows we’re full of shit with this elf.


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My name is Kevin and I’ve been in law enforcement for almost 10 years. I’m also a bit of a nerd. Nerd: I read and collect comic books, particularly books outside of the big two publishers. I collect and display toys, mainly action figures and vehicles. Cop: I’ve been a cop for almost 10 years. Certified Taser Instructor Certified Crash Reconstructionist Certified in FBI Statement Analysis Certified Hostage Negotiator Former Emergency Response Team Member My intent is to review police equipment, comic books, non-fiction books, toys, documentaries, and anything else that interests me. Views expressed and pictures posted in no way imply any endorsement from any Agency.

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