Jeff Lemire Art and signed prints

So, I make what every cop makes. Not enough being a single Dad and bills stacking up. But man, when I see a Jeff Lemire art print for 20 bucks, I get it. I bought most of this from Cadence Comic Art. In fact, there was a shipping error and I think they even added a print or two to make things right. One day I’ll have an original piece to add. I can’t wait to pick it out. Until then, I love seeing my Descender, A.D, and the Lemire Universe on my wall. The Royal City stuff was from a contest I won on Twitter under my personal account. Every piece up there is signed, some more noticeable than others. One day I’ll show some other Lemire pieces I’ve picked up along the way. If you’re not reading what he’s putting out, I highly recommend the stuff he does. Something about his art spoke to me the day I first saw it. And the stories he writes hit me in the heart. Not many books make me feel, but his do. Start with Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder, or Descender. Move on to A.D. You’ll never regret it. I would be remiss not to mention the beautiful artwork of Dustin Nguyen and the amazing storytelling of Scott Snyder included in these books.


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My name is Kevin and I’ve been in law enforcement for almost 10 years. I’m also a bit of a nerd. Nerd: I read and collect comic books, particularly books outside of the big two publishers. I collect and display toys, mainly action figures and vehicles. Cop: I’ve been a cop for almost 10 years. Certified Taser Instructor Certified Crash Reconstructionist Certified in FBI Statement Analysis Certified Hostage Negotiator Former Emergency Response Team Member My intent is to review police equipment, comic books, non-fiction books, toys, documentaries, and anything else that interests me. Views expressed and pictures posted in no way imply any endorsement from any Agency.

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