Fearless by Eric Blehm (Navy SEAL Adam Brown)

My fiancé and I had the incredible honor of meeting a Navy SEAL on a flight to Hawaii this year. In speaking with him, he seemed like he was one of the most humble men I’ve ever spoken with. He had obviously been wounded and showed the scars of it. He mentioned he had written a book. I asked what it was and he told me. And then he told me not to buy his book yet. He told me to buy Fearless. And he told me of what an amazing man Adam Brown was. I’d never heard of Adam Brown. After reading this book, I’ll never forget him.

One of the most unlikely heroes I’ve ever read about, Adam Brown lived, and suffered, and overcame more than most people will ever encounter in their lives. And THEN he joined the Navy. I’ve tried explaining this book to my squad mates, but it seems like every single detail about Brown’s life would’ve been a spoiler. Some of the best conversations have come after loaning this book out. If you know anyone struggling with addiction, injury, self doubt, or just somebody that needs a kick in the ass, get them this book. Buy two copies and give one away. The book will make you cringe, cheer, and cry. And in the end, you’ll turn the last page a better person for having read Adam’s story. I’m hoping to get this book into the hands of every man and woman on my department.

And the SEAL from the plane? I’ll tell you about his book later. It is also a great read.

Buy it on Amazon for 10ish bucks!


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My name is Kevin and I’ve been in law enforcement for almost 10 years. I’m also a bit of a nerd. Nerd: I read and collect comic books, particularly books outside of the big two publishers. I collect and display toys, mainly action figures and vehicles. Cop: I’ve been a cop for almost 10 years. Certified Taser Instructor Certified Crash Reconstructionist Certified in FBI Statement Analysis Certified Hostage Negotiator Former Emergency Response Team Member My intent is to review police equipment, comic books, non-fiction books, toys, documentaries, and anything else that interests me. Views expressed and pictures posted in no way imply any endorsement from any Agency.

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